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  • A Committee means a Committee which is appointed or elected by the house or nominated by the Chairman by consultation of Leader of the house and the Government Chief Whip, Leader of Opposition and the group of the Members.
  • It works under the direction of the Chairman and present its report to the House.
  • The term of the committee shall not exceed one year. The unfinished work of the committee shall be continued by the successor committee.
  • There are two types of Committee: Standing Committees and Adhoc Committees.
  • Standing Committees are permanent and regular committees which are constituted from the time to time in pursuance of the provisions of Rules of Procedure of Legislative council. The work of these committees is of continuous nature.
  • Adhoc Committees are appointed for the specific purpose and they cease to exist when they finish the task assigned to them and submit a report.
  • The Committee has power to appoint Sub Committees. It shall be held on such date and at such hour as the Chairman of the Committee may fix. IT has power to take evidence or call for person, production of papers, documents or records. A Committee may administer Oath to a witness examined before it.


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